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Kevin Sumlin Not Wasting Time On Recruiting Front

Texas A&M struck again this weekend, signing six high-profile prospects to their 2013 recruiting class. Bud Elliot over at runs through all of them with some video to back it up.


The prize of the batch seems to be Dallas Jesuit offensive tackle J.J. Gustafson. The 6-foot-6 left tackle should provide a replacement for Jake Matthews or Luke Joekel once those two move on for greener pastures. It's also an interesting case for why Sumlin made the move from the University of Houston to Texas A&M. UH couldn't get these kinds of prospects on their offensive line as easily as the Aggies, which had to be appealing for Sumlin.


I've actually seen one of the running back prospects that signed. Pearland Dawson's James White rushed for 145 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries against Nederland in the regional quarterfinals last season. That offense was a typical spread look, but White was a good mix of both speed and power. The Nederland defense was very good, so for a back to come in and run that effectively was impressive.


He's the type of prospect who could be more widely regarded after his senior season than he is right now.

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