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NBA Standings 2012: Houston Goes Into Second Half As No. 6 Seed In The West

The Houston Rockets have played in relative anonymity for the first half of the season with moderate expectations that have been exceeded thus far. At 20-14, the Rockets are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for 5th in the Western Conference, but lose the tie-break due to the 108-99 loss to the Lakers back in January. The Rockets are in a good position to let their young talent continue to flourish, while trying to make a push towards making a playoff run in May.

One question that has been asked is, can the Rockets make a trade to improve the team? Kevin Martin's name has come up in rumors, but nothing has come from it as of yet. Its scary to think that this team could have had Pau Gasol on it if things broke a little differently. However, at this point Kevin McHale is sitting pretty and general manager Daryl Morey might have one more move left in him to improve the squad, and that's all a Rockets fan can ask for.

Here are the western conference standings going into the second half of the season.

Western Standings

Oklahoma City Thunder 34 27-7 .794
San Antonio Spurs 34 24-10 .706
Los Angeles Clippers 31 20-11 .645
Dallas Mavericks 34 21-13 .618
Los Angeles Lakers 34 20-14 .588
Houston Rockets 34 20-14 .588
Memphis Grizzlies 34 19-15 .559
Portland Trail Blazers 34 18-16 .529
Denver Nuggets 35 18-17 .514
Minnesota Timberwolves 34 17-17 .500
Utah Jazz 32 15-17 .469
Golden State Warriors 30 13-17 .433
Phoenix Suns 34 14-20 .412
Sacramento Kings 33 11-22 .333
New Orleans Hornets 33 8-25 .242

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