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SB Nation YouTube Channel Launch: Taking Big Strides In Online Sports Journalism

Today is March 1, which means that SB Nation has launched it's YouTube channel as well as most of the network's team sites. The ones that didn't roll out today will soon, but the major point to make here is that you should totally subscribe to their YouTube channel now that it's live. You can do so here.

For just a small taste of the original content that you'll be able to see, check out one of their new shows, Bomani & Jones. Enjoy.

The jump to YouTube is a huge step for a growing network that supplies top notch sports news and original content both in the written form and in videos. The world of journalism was forever changed by the invention of the Internet, which made the world infinitely smaller and made information infinitely more accessible. SB Nation is now plowing a new road that could change the future of sports journalism online.

For more great original YouTube content from SB Nation, subscribe to their channel.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.