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Texas Sports HOF Welcomes 10 New Members

Did you know that the Texas Sports Hall of Fame lives in Waco? Well, they just inducted 10 new members into it on Thursday night. Among them were Texas A&M women's basketball coach Gary Blair, who won a lot of games with the Stephen F. Austin University as well as that national championship with the Aggies.

Also heading in was Shawn Andaya, maybe the best softball player to come through Texas A&M and the first softballer thus honored by the Hall. The late Bubba Smith, who starred for the Houston Oilers and was from Beaumont, also went in this year along with former University of Houston quarterback Andre Ware and former Rice quarterback Tobin Rote, who made it to the NFL.

It's a great class and sounded like a fun time. Blair called Mack Brown (who was also inducted) up to the stage as the two took a picture with Blair giving the "Gig 'Em" sign and Brown showing "Hook 'Em Horns." Brown also said in his induction speech that the players on these teams this year never argued about the move to the SEC, in stark contrast to the athletic directors, apparently.

He also said he's close friends with both R.C. Slocum and John David Crow, which started after the '99 Bonfire collapse pulled them together. Things like that are why it's so hard dislike Mack Brown. He's such a decent guy...

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.