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New Football Stadium To Be Built On Existing Location, Completed For 2014 Season

The Houston Cougars goal at building a new football stadium for their move to the Big East has taken another step forward. The new stadium is going to be built on same lot of existing Robertson Stadium, with construction to begin in December of 2012. The move was approved by the school's board of Regents.

Building the new stadium in the same location of Robertson Stadium was voted over a location near the intramural fields due to the cost being $40 million more and the capability to expand the stadium to approximately 60,000 fans would be difficult.

The new stadium is set to open in time for the 2014 season and will hold 40,000 fans with the possibility to expand to at least 60,000 fans. The next step is for Houston to hire a firm to design the stadium which should be completed within a month. The stadium project is expected to take 18-20 months and be complete by the summer of 2014.

Houston will play the 2012 season at Robertson Stadium, and then for the 2013 season they are working with Reliant Stadium to play their home games there.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.