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Houston Texans Speak About Offseason At First Day Workouts

Houston Texans fans don't have much of a reason to feel as if their team got better over the offseason after losing the likes of Mario Williams, Joel Dreesen, Eric Winston and DeMeco Ryans. But the players, as to be expected, were very positive in their comments regarding the offseason on the first day of workouts on Monday.

Check out the Texans website for the full transcription of quotes from Matt Schaub, Johnathan Joseph, Glover Quin, Owen Daniels Garrett Graham and Bradie James.

Here is a little of what they had to say about the offseason:

"It's the harsh reality of this business when you lose some players, whether in free agency or trades, but it is part of the business. We have a spectacular core-nucleus of guys taking our back and looking forward to climbing the ladder and taking the next step. But we're excited to be here and excited to get going with workouts and the offseason. It goes by pretty quick each year when we're back out here but we're excited and eager to get going." - Matt Schaub

"I think, as a player, that's just part of the business. I think we've been lucky that it hasn't happened more so in previous years. Obviously, I wish all those guys the best but we still got a lot of good players here and a lot of guys that contributed and a lot of up-and-coming guys that we're excited about. I try to focus not necessarily more on who's gone; you have to give them credit for helping and contributing to get us where we got to, but a lot of the guys here have been working hard to continue that process. We're really excited about that." - Owen Daniels

"I felt like it was an opportunity to step up and show what I can do [and] compete for the spot. That's about it." - Garrett Graham on his initial thoughts when Dreesen signed with the Denver Broncos

"Obviously, that's part of football. Each offseason, every team looks different each and every year. That's part of the adjustment you have to make on the run. With us, we have a number of guys who are capable of stepping up and now have the opportunity. For us, we just have to look forward and move forward." - Johnathan Joseph

"I'm excited to be back. We had a nice little break, but I'm excited to be back with the guys, with the team, and starting our journey for next year. I think it'll be good, getting a chance to go through the offseason. Last year, we were locked out and when we came back, it was straight into camp and so we were still learning the defense as we were going through the season. So I think getting a chance to have an offseason and work with the guys, work with the coaches and dive more into our playbook and more into our looks and things like that, I think we'll benefit from it." - Glover Quin

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