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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Tannehill Is A Cleveland Brown In SB Nation's Latest Projections

Projecting Ryan Tannehill's destination in the 2012 NFL Draft has become increasingly tricky, as trade talk among Top 10 teams (Indianapolis and Washington excluded, naturally) begins to heat up. SB Nation's latest mock draft has Tannehill ending up in Cleveland and not reuniting with former Texas A&M boss Mike Sherman in Miami:

4. Cleveland Browns, Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Whether the Browns draft Tannehill or not, there are more and more signs that this pick is for sale. If Mike Holmgren is willing to accept less than what Washington paid for the second pick, the Browns could move down and possibly target Brandon Weeden or Kirk Cousins.

Potential trade partners include Miami and Kansas City. Miami make sense because of the Mike Sherman connection. Matt Moore and David Garrard can carry the load while Tannehill learns the ins and outs of the pro game. Kansas City has a good enough roster that they could afford to trade up for Matt Cassel's successor.

So there it is - probably Cleveland, but Kansas City's just as likely to make a move, and let's not forget Miami, or Tannehill's entirely overrated and set to drop out of the first round entirely. Glad that's all cleared up.

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