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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Texans Select Kendall Wright, Again

Like a lot of the SB Nation NFL Mock Drafts have shown, the Houston Texans are looking for a new threat at the wide receiver position and so in the latest mock draft, they are once again selecting Kendall Wright of the Baylor Bears.

The Texans showed up to the first day of offseason workouts with an optimistic attitude as far as what the pieces they have going into the 2012 season, which follows the franchise's first playoff appearance in 2011 and the best campaign in team history.

Still, Wright seems to be the kind of guy the Texans would be looking to develop into a weapon of a very high-powered offense. They just don't want to be too reliant on star receiver Andre Johnson. Here is what Ryan Van Bibber had to say about the most recent Wright selection for Houston:

"A tackle or another pass rusher would make nice picks for Houston, but they have to be at least a little haunted by what happened against Baltimore with Andre Johnson tightly covered. The speedy and versatile Wright is a nice complement to Johnson."

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