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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Dolphins Should Select Ryan Tannehill In 1st Round

The 2012 NFL Draft is just over a week away and teams are really beginning to buckle down and focus their game plan and recruiting strategies. So too are the analysts and columnists beginning to refine their mock draft selections. Former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Ryan Tannehill figures to be the No. 3 quarterback in this year's draft, drawing interest from many teams.

Peter King of has written a new mock draft column, where he breaks down which players should be selected by the first-round NFL teams, contrasting those anticipated selections with the players that each team should target. In King's estimation, the Miami Dolphins will be selecting Tannehill as the No. 8 overall pick ... and he feels that's the correct call for the Dolphins.

If you're going to trust the coach you hired (Joe Philbin) to energize the offense and the coordinator you hired (Mike Sherman, who coached Tannehill in college) to tutor the quarterback, you've got to pick the triggerman they want. But you can't panic by moving up to take Tannehill, because that would most likely cost at least a second-rounder. Not worth it.

With the No. 3 through No. 7 teams seemingly targeting different positions in the first round, Tannehill falling at No. 8 to the Dolphins is not out of the question.

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