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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Miami Dolphins Linked With Ryan Tannehill

While all pre-draft speculation has to be taken with two or three grains of salt, it's appearing increasingly likely that Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill won't make it past his former college coach Mike Sherman, now the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins, in the NFL Draft.

In the latest mock draft from the National Football Post, the Dolphins scooped up Tannehill when he slipped past the Cleveland Browns at No. 4:

8. Miami Dolphins: Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill
The Dolphins have received pretty average quarterback play over the past couple seasons and adding a talent like Tannehill who has the skill set to mature into a franchise QB could be too good to pass up at eight.

Miami has needed a QB for several years; the question is whether they would be willing to bring Tannehill along slowly or throw him to the wolves in his first season.

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