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Ryan Tannehill Reportedly Scores A 34 On The Wonderlic: This Doesn't Matter, But It Does

With exactly a week until the 2012 NFL Draft, the annual storm of stupid has broken the horizon. Indescribable "character concerns," bunk expert analysis and - SHOCK - "leaked" Wonderlic scores will all be flooding the news cycle for the next seven days:

This is "news" because, according to RotoWorld, a 34 is exceptionally high for a quarterback:

According to Dr. Z's New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football, the average score for a quarterback is 24, and most teams want a signal caller to score at least a 21. So Tannehill's Wonderlic score puts him into an elite category, at least in terms of this one piece to the puzzle. He projects as a top-12 pick.

If teams liked Tannehill before, this probably won't change their estimation. If they didn't, the inflated concept of Good Will Hunting behind center won't dispel concerns they have over Tannehill's 2011 performance (not good in the second half, leader of a 6-6 team).

This is just stupid conjecture, but on a serious note, the reason why some players with natural learning disabilities or handicaps are devalued - agents leak test scores to inflate their clients' stock (Tannehill) but are also notorious for leaking poor scores of players they missed out on representing to drive their value down. That's a happy reminder that for all the ills of the college football recruiting process, there's still a nice element of scumminess at the next level, too.

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