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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Kendall Wright Could Still Be Texans Pick

Kendall Wright has been a fixture on Ryan Van Bibber's NFL Mock Draft as the Houston Texans first-round selection, and he still is. Mocking the Draft had Dont'a Hightower of the Alabama Crimson Tide going to the Texans a few days ago, but it's no secret that Houston is looking for a young wide receiver to build the future with.

Van Bibber had this to say about the Wright projection, a consistent one to say the least:

"Andre Johnson cannot be expected to do it all alone. Wright gives this offense a second receiving option to pair with Johnson. He also make a nice complement, someone to work out of the slot with Johnson split out wide and the backfield threatening on every play."

Wright had 302 career receptions for 4,004 yards and 30 touchdowns in his four seasons with the Baylor Bears.

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