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NFL Draft 2012: Wade Smith Talks About The Draft Day Experience

Houston Texans offensive lineman Wade Smith took some time to discuss his draft day experience with The Sports Fan Journal. Several interesting notes about that day, which was 4/26/2003 and Smith's 22nd birthday, include his comments on how he was perceived as undersized for the position but gained the weight necessary to shut those claims down.

Smith also told a personal story of his then-girlfriend not getting the chance to share the draft experience with him and gave advice to the up-and-coming players in the draft.

Here is what Smith had to say when asked what he'd change about his draft day experience if anything:

"Specifically on that day, I had a girlfriend at the time that went to school with me at Memphis. I wanted her to come down and share that experience with me. Her father was kind of old school. He wouldn't let her come on the trip because we weren't married and he didn't really know me that well at the time. Now she's my wife, and we have 3 kids. I definitely, as a father, understand where he's coming from, but that's something I always wish she was there to experience. And she always said, "I wish I was there for that." But it ended up working out good.

As far as my draft experience, I think I handled everything pretty well. After my senior year I was told that I would probably be a 7th round draft pick because I was undersized for my position. They didn't know if I would have been able to gain weight and keep my athleticism, but I was able to do that. I gained about 22 lbs in 2.5 months, and I had a great combine workout. They were pretty excited about that, and therefore my draft stock went up. I ended up getting drafted in the 3rd round. I was still in college finishing up my last semester, getting my finance degree. As far as that goes, there wouldn't be anything I would change."

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