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NFL Draft 2012: Miami Dolphins Won't Move Up For Ryan Tannehill, According To Report

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill remains the biggest mystery in this Thursday's NFL Draft, with rumored interest as high almost every team picking in the top ten other than Indianpolis (No. 1) and Washington (No. 2) and rumored dis-interest flushing Tannehill to the end of the first or out of Thursday night altogether.

It's that time of the NFL Draft - front office gamesmanship the day before - and there's little in the way of certifiable facts as to who's really interested in drafting Tannehill, who's scaring other teams to trade up, and who's trying to drive the quarterback's stock down in hopes of grabbing him late.

Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero is willing to shut down one rumor - that the interested Miami Dolphins would package a deal to move up to as high No. 3 to grab Tannehill. Salguero alleges that the Vikings (No. 3 overall) tried to foster a panic by creating the idea the Cleveland Browns (No. 4) were interested in Tannehill. Not so, and no matter, because according to Salguero, the Dolphins won't move up:

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

Miami seems like a strong destination, but nothing's for certain. Tannehill is poised to become the surprise destination of the first round.

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