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NFL Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill Says Mike Sherman Made A Mistake Moving Him To WR

A lot was made about Ryan Tannehill moving up on the draft board and going to the Miami Dolphins because it would reunite him with Mike Sherman, his former head coach at Texas A&M who supposedly would know how to use the rookie quarterback.

Now that all of this has come into fruition with the Dolphins taking Tannehill in the early first round on Friday, we've learned that maybe Sherman doesn't really know how to use Tannehill, or what realize what his strengths and weaknesses are. After all, this is the guy that stunted his wide receiver growth in the first place to go with Jerrod Johnson two season ago.

Tannehill believed it was a mistake then, and even to this day.

"I wouldn't say we were at odds," Tannehill said. "I definitely wanted to be playing the quarterback position. When he first sat me down and told me that he was going to move me out to receiver and I wasn't going to be the starter, I told him I thought he was making a mistake. I said I was the best quarterback he had on the roster."

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