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2012 NBA Draft Lottery Odds: Rockets Have Least Chances Of Getting Anthony Davis

As if the Rockets choking at the end of the regular season wasn't enough, with them barely missing out on the playoffs, the odds of them attaining one of the top selections in the 2012 NBA Draft are slim. Not only are the chances slim, but they are the very slimmest, as Mike Prada detailed over at the NBA hub page.

The Rockets have a 0.5 percent chance at getting the No. 1 overall pick and 1.8 percent chance for a top three pick.

Houston is likely to pick at No. 14, but of course the lottery will decide that for sure. For now, has the Rockets picking Arnett Moultrie with the 14th selection. That's what the Rockets have to look forward to. Prizes like Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson are going to the Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets of the world - the teams that never even pretended to be good this season.

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