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Houston Dynamo Looking For Sellouts At BBVA Compass Stadium

The experience at the brand new BBVA Compass Stadium is what Houston Dynamo brass is focusing on to make sure their stat-of-the-art facility produces frequent sellouts. With more than 12,000 season-ticket holders in a 22,000-seat stadium, the Dynamo are looking to grow their fan base and sell out every match this season.

Los Angeles business man and part owner of the Dynamo Gabriel Brener said this about the stadium:

"I don't know all of the stadiums in MLS, but if this isn't the best, it's among the top three."

Not only does it seem like one of the best, but one fan who commented on this Houston Chronicle article, going by the name JoeK, says he just became a new season ticket holder because he enjoyed the experience so much.

"I'm a new season ticket holder and I'm so glad I signed up! The experience was awesome. The organization and SPEEDINESS of the concessions, "un-rude" ushers helping you around the stadium (which the Astros and Texans should learn something about) just the overall atmosphere was exciting. I know it's brand new and there's that love like a new toy but I really think they're going to be committed to keeping it that way. The tailigating reminded me of a smaller version of a Texan's game but more family oriented, the crowd base is a younger crowd and extremly diverse. We heard Russian being spoken behind us, Chinese beside and Brits on the other. Even if you're not a soccer fan, and you want to get out and do something different that also doesnt cost you an arm & leg, go check out aa Dynamo game, bet you'll go again."

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