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Pro Football Hall of Fame Member Thurman Thomas Returns To Willowridge High School

Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas returned to his alma mater Willowridge High School in Missouri City on Monday as part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's and Allstate Insurance Company's "Hometown Hall of Famers" program, which honors the roots of the football greats with special ceremonies and plaque dedications.

Thomas, of course, is Willowridge's most famous alum, but probably even more so because he led to Eagles to a state championship in 1982.

"I still feel a great link," said Thomas, who led Willowridge to a state football championship in 1982. "Some of my teachers I had, they're still there. I communicate with them a lot. The past two years, I've gone back, we've had 100, 150 alumni come back for a weekend party we throw. It's something I'm very proud of, being part of Willowridge."

It's great to see the Hall of Fame and Allstate doing this and it's always great when someone like Thomas represents and returns to Mo City.

Check out this photo of Thomas speaking with the media, via Fox Sports Houston:

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