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Roger Clemens Trial: Brian McNamee Cross-Examination Continues Thursday

Brian McNamee has long been considered the key to both the prosecution and defense of Roger Clemens in his current trial for perjury, and this week's cross-examination of McNamee has amped up the drama and surreality of the entire proceeding.

McNamee will return to the stand on Thursday, two days after the start of his witness stand bout with Clemens' lead attorney, Rusty Hardin. Over the previous two days the trial has shifted away from Clemens and settled upon the character and reliability of McNamee. The Washington Post provides a look inside the federal courtroom in D.C., the location of the trial.

Hardin, however, painted McNamee as a man seeking to benefit financially from the star’s downfall. "Wouldn’t you agree that ever since February 2008, you have been seeking to take advantage of the fame you achieved by making allegations against Roger Clemens?" Hardin asked.

"Can you repeat that, please?" McNamee asked.

"No, I’ll move on," said Hardin, who then quizzed the witness about a self-published memoir, a Web site business that never took off and his disposition of memorabilia signed by Clemens.

If you're looking for a live play-by-play of the day's proceedings, check out the Twitter feed of ESPN "Outside The Lines" reporter T.J. Quinn.

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