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Houston Texans Say No To HBO's Hard Knocks

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The Texans want no part of HBO's reality series

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Doesn't anyone want to be on HBO's Hard Knocks?

First is was the San Francisco 49'ers who said no to being the featured team on HBO's football reality series, then the Atlanta Falcons declined the opportunity also. Well, the hat-trick of denial is complete as the Houston Texans became the third team to say no to Home Box Office.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle tweeted this earlier today:

Due to the NFL labor negotiations, Hard Knocks didn't have a series in 2011. The way it looks now, there won't be a 2012 season of the program as team's continue to decline making an appearance.

Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan told Sports Illustrated that he too isn't interested in appearing on the program

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