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Roger Clemens Trial: Andy Pettitte Testifies He May Have 'Misunderstood' Clemens

The government's perjury case against Roger Clemens took a serious blow on Tuesday when their star witness, Andy Pettitte, said he may have "misunderstood" what Clemens told him about HGH use under cross-examination.

According to CBS News, Pettitte was clearly uncomfortable testifying about his former teammate, a reticence Clemens' lawyers used to their advantage when they had the opportunity to cross-examine him. The two former Houston Astros reportedly did not make eye contact during his testimony.

On Monday, Pettitte testified that Clemens told him he used HGH, but he hedged his statements on Tuesday while acknowledging that he found the whole process "uncomfortable".

The government's case depends heavily on his testimony, as their other key witness, Clemens and Pettitte's former trainer Brian McNamee, is a far more dubious character who isn't as likely to be seen as trustworthy by the jury.

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