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Brian McNamee Informs Court On His Snitching History

Brian McNamee came off as the non-credible in his more than 24 hours of testimony last week, when he admitted that some of his memories have evolved as it pertains to injecting Roger Clemens with steroids. He also admitted that some of the evidence presented in this trial (that of which came from a Miller Lite beer can) is in fact not evidence at all, since it wasn't used on Clemens.

Then, on Monday McNamee made the attempt to gain at least some credibility by listing the other players he's snitched on, and to also show the court he isn't singling out Clemens with this particular case of snitching.

McNamee named Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch and Mike Stanton as others he knows to have taken human growth hormones, a specific testimony that wasn't originally going to be allowed until U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton decided Monday to allow it to rebut the suggestion made by Clemens' lawyer during cross-examination that McNamee solely targeted his client.

Either way, Clemens' fate is hanging in the balance on how believable Brian McNamee is. The defense might as well wave the white flag like they unintentionally did last July.

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