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2012 SEC Baseball Tournament Day 3 Preview: What To Watch

LSU (#1, 1-1) vs Ole Miss (#9, 1-1) 9:30 (SportsSouth & Fox Sports Houston)

  • Ole Miss closer Brett Huber is now tied for first on the Ole Miss all-time saves list with Stephen Head at 26. This will also be the Rebels' third consecutive 9:30 game, which really cuts down bar hopping time for the Diamond Rebs.
  • LSU threw six relief pitchers yesterday, though only Joe Broussard threw over 20 pitches. With Nola, Bonvillan, Broussard, Rumbelow, and Bourgeois all pitching yesterday, LSU continues their tradition of fielding players from the unpublished papers of Walker Percy.

Kentucky (#4, 1-0) vs Mississippi State (#7, 2-0) Gametime 30 min after conclusion of LSU-OM (SportsSouth)

  • Mississippi State's pitching staff hasn't given up more than three earned runs in 20 games, and 17 of those were 2 or less earned runs. There's no joke there. That's just awesome.
  • Kentucky is 30-1 when leading after four innings, but got swept MSU in the last weekend of the regular season. They also would have preferred the early timeslot, because empty stadiums make them feel like they're playing at home.

South Carolina (#1, 1-1) vs Auburn (#10, 1-1) 4:30 (CSS)

  • The Tigers hold the top three spots in steals in the conference this season. Jay Gonzalez leads them all and swiped his 29th and 30th on Wednesday.
  • USC's Christian Walker was walked three times Wednesday to become second in the SEC with 41. I GUESS THAT'S WHY THEY CALL HIM WALKER, AMIRITE?!?!

Florida (#3, 1-0) vs Vanderbilt (#5, 2-0) Gametime 30 min after conclusion of USC-AU (CSS)

  • Junior reliever Steven Rodriguez is tied for the SEC lead in appearances with 30.
  • Vanderbilt is now on a 7 game win streak, and has won 14 of 17. Wednesday's win against South Carolina was also their 13th comeback win of the season. With the perpetual late starts, Vandy is only an old bike and a trip to Phonoluxe away from Official Nashville Hipster status.

Don't let a little thing like work interrupt your enjoyment of the games today. It's almost Memorial Day weekend, anyway.

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