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2012 US Open: The Course, Who To Watch And More

If you're looking for rooting interest in the U.S. Open, aside from the favorites, local golfers are in bold here. Otherwise, SB Nation's Brian Floyd has the everything you need to know about the tournament, which begins Thursday, laid out for you at the golf hub page.

For starters, this is the toughest challenge for all of those competing, while at the same time gives anyone a chance because of its rigor and uncertainty. Floyd notes that finishing at even-par can be seen as a good thing at the U.S. Open, even though Rory McIlroy became a man there after setting the tournament's record with a 16-under 268 score.

The pairing of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson in this year's Open headlines the event as the Thursday approaches later in the week. These three are certainly among the favorites to win this weekend.

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