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Vince Young Sues Former Agent, Money Adviser

Vince Young's transition to professional football hasn't always been a smooth one for the six-year veteran out of the University of Texas and more affectionately, Madison High School in Houston's Hiram Clarke area of the southwest side of town.

Young has been accused of surrounding himself with the wrong people in the past, and now he's suing his former agent and money adviser, alleging fraud, breach of contract and misappropriation of funds.

The suit accuses Young's former agent, Houston attorney Major Adams II, as well as financial adviser Ronnie T. Peoples and his Raleigh, N.C.-based company, Peoples Financial Service, of fraud, unjust enrichment, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, usury and breach of contract among other allegations, according to this report from The Houston Chronicle.

Adams is the brother of gospel singer Yolanda Adams, also a Houston native.

"There has been at least some evidence that there has been some fraud and some forgeries using [Young's] name over the last several years that we believe that Major Adams and Ron Peoples are responsible for," Austin lawyer Trey Dolezal said Monday night. "We have no idea how much money is missing."

It's obviously a sad case for Young if he is unable to retrieve his money, because so far, everything indicates that his biggest paychecks in the NFL have already come and gone.

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