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VIDEO: Watch BIll Murray (Honorary Houstonian) Get Inducted To The Minor League Baseball Hall Of Fame

SB Nation's video series "Full Nelson" takes a look at the Minor League Hall of Fame induction of one Bill Murray, Director of Fun (and part owner) of the Charleston (S.C.) RiverDogs, class A affiliate of the New York Yankees:

As evidenced by Amy K. Nelson's piece, Murray's in rare form - and that bit about him being an honorary Houstonian? Yeah, we made that up, but considering the man's career enjoyed a rocket-launch resurgence at the hands of Houston native Wes Anderson (Murray's brilliant performance in 1998's "Rushmore" was shot entirely in the city), we'll count him as a native. Here's a look at our second-favorite scene (this wil always be the first) Anderson/Murray scene, filmed at St. John's School in Houston:

For more on Bill Murray and Baseball, check back with SB Nation for Amy K.'s full story, coming soon. All your MLB and celebrity Hall of Fame induction news is available at Baseball Nation.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.