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College Football Playoffs: BCS Commissioners Support Selection Committee

Now that BCS commissioners have come to the consensus that a four-team college football playoff is what's best for the sport, the discussion now turns to how, exactly, the four semifinalists should be chosen. Polls have come under scrutiny for potential bias, and you will be hard pressed to find anybody who likes computer formulas. According to Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel, both may soon be rendered irrelevant. Commissioners reportedly prefer using a selection committee to determine the field, a la the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

While, the selection committee would not require teams to win their conference championships, it could certainly be a factor among committee members. As of yet, there isn't anything explicitly preventing something like last year's Alabama-LSU rematch from happening, however.

CBSSports' Brett McMurphy also tweeted that it is very likely that the semifinals will be played on bowl sites.

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