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College Football Playoffs: Houston To Bid For National Title Final

With official news that the four-team, three-game playoff format to determine college football's national champion less than 24 hours old, now begins the speculation as to who will host the national championship final game, beginning with the 2014 season.

The two semifinals will rotate among six TBD participating bowls, while the title game itself will go to the highest bidder each year. Enter Houston and Reliant Stadium. The Harris County / Houston Sports Authority told the Houston Chronicle Tuesday night they'll actively pursue the title game:

"We decided we want to aggressively pursue this opportunity for Houston," said Janis Schmees, the executive director of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. "We want the decision-makers to know Houston is serious about hosting."

"We wanted to be ready, we wanted to be aggressive and ensure we are using all of the relationships — both nationally and locally — we can, to ensure that Houston is at least in the forefront of people's minds," Schmees said.

It's expected that the current BCS bowls - the Fiesta (Glendale, Arizona), Sugar (New Orleans), Orange (Miami) and Rose (Pasadena, California) will be among the six sites rotating the semifinal games, while everyone expects Jerry Jones and Cowboys Stadium to push the Cotton Bowl in as well. That leaves one spot, but Houston is without a major bowl, leaving only the title game itself as a viable option.

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