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2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Regional Recap

The first round of the 2012 NCAA Baseball Tournament is over, and sixteen teams are still alive on the road to Omaha. Last week we gave you our predictions for the first weekend, so let's check on those and see how we did (Answer: NOT GOOD!)

Gainsville Regional

Prediction: Florida

Winner: Florida

Los Angeles Regional

Prediction: UCLA

Winner: UCLA

Tallahassee Regional

Prediction: Mississippi State

Winner: Florida State

Yeah, uh, that one didn't work out so well. MSU went 1-2 and the Noles swept in three games.

Waco Regional

Prediction: Baylor

Winner: Baylor

Eugene Regional

Prediction: Oregon

Winner: Oregon

Chapel Hill Regional

Prediction: North Carolina

Winner:St John's

UNC went 2-2, and three-seed St John's swept in three games.

Baton Rouge Regional

Prediction: LSU

Winner: LSU

Columbia Regional

Prediction: South Carolina

Winner: South Carolina

The Gamecocks have won an NCAA-record nineteen postseason games in a row.

Charlottesville Regional

Prediction: UVA

Winner: Oklahoma

Appalachian State made an exciting run at winning the regional, but the Sooners managed to pull it out.

College Station Regional

Prediction: Texas A&M

Winner: TCU

The Texas A&M arms were still good for the most part, but they didn't get much help from their offense and went 1-2.

Coral Gables Regional

Winner: Miami

Winner: Stony Brook

OOOF. Getting bounced from your own regional in two straight losses is downright embarrassing. Hot-hitting four-seed Stony Brook beat UCF to win the round.

Gary Regional

Prediction: Kentucky

Winner: Kent State

Yeah, I was wrong on this one. So was everybody else. We all agree the Big Ten doesn't baseball well.

Houston Regional

Prediction: Rice

Winner: Arkansas

Another 1-2 performance by a regional host. How hospitable of you!

Stanford Regional

Prediction: Stanford

Winner: Stanford

Raleigh Regional

Prediction: Vanderbilt

Winner: NC State

Hey! The ACC finally won another one! Way to go, guys!

Tucson Reginal

Prediction: Arizona

Winner: Arizona

That gives us a record of 8-8 predicting regional winners, which means BET ALL OF YOUR MONEY BASED ON OUR PREDICTIONS!

We'll be back tomorrow to look at everything you need to know for Super Regional matchups.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.