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LSU Is A National Title Contender According To EA Sports, But So Is... Texas?

Those of you eagerly anticipating the latest installment of EA Sports' annual dose of digital opiates, NCAA Football, will have much to debate in the weeks leading up to NCAA '13's release date. Over at SB Nation's college football hub, there's an examination of early leaked (read: not official) team ratings.

Here's the numbers for Houston area teams, with one notable burnt-orange endorsement for a national title contender (for you non-gamers, the numbers are as follows: Overall team rating, offense, defense, and a 1-5 "prestige" rating that determines recruiting success)

  • Houston 87 84 86 3
  • LSU 99 92 95 6
  • Rice 73 75 73 2
  • Texas 99 91 99 6
  • Texas Am 93 92 87 4

What jumps out at us is the high marks Texas is receiving, especially coming off of another mediocre season. The only other "99" rated teams are LSU, Oregon, Wisconsin and USC, all considered to be national title contenders. Even Big 12 favorite Oklahoma is only a 97, however, these numbers could be bunk altogether or modified before the street date, so calm your short-winded, weezy ire, hardcore gamer.

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