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Houston Astros GM Jeff Lunhow And His Thought Process Behind Trades

First-year Houston Astros general manager Jeff Lunhow has all but gutted the roster as fans have come to know it. Gone are Carlos Lee, Wandy Rodriguez, J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, David Carpenter and Brett Myers. All told, Lunhow made four trades, moved six players with contracts valued at $21 million dollars.

Although some rival executives around the league are questioning the thought process behind Lunhow's moves, he seems to have a vision on what he wants for the team and how he plans to get there, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports:

"If you look at our team the next few years, the goal is to be as competitive as we possibly can, given our situation," he said.

"Does it makes sense for us to spend $13 million on a starting pitcher (Rodriguez) and $10 million on a closer (Myers) when our payroll will start with a ‘5', with most of the players being 0 to 3s (in years of service time)?

"On paper you don't compete like that."

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