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PHOTO: Billboard Smack Is Why Texas A&M Remains First In The SEC's 2012 Freshman Class

We're not sure what's helping the Aggies' cause to endear their culture to existing SEC upperclassmen more: A&M's own wonderfully executed plans to fit in, or their co-freshman's miserable, miserable Big 10-ish disposition. Either way, with only three weeks till toe and leather do that thing, it's starting to feel like A&M's always been a part of this brash, nuevo-riche family of braggarts posted up in the McMansion cul-de-sac of college football's subdivision:


That's Austin, Texas, y'all. GET IT? HELL YES IT'S UNECESSARY AND HEAVY-HANDED, THAT'S HOW SPEED COUNTRY DOES IT. Remember that, Longhorns, next time you're all "recruiting quicker and better than anyone else" and all "not having to buy off an ACT test administrator to qualify a defensive tackle from Mobile." Or if you do, we'll find something bigger. Got any overpasses you don't want spray-painted? NOW YOU DON'T. #SEC.

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