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Tyrann Mathieu Interested In Staying At LSU, According To Report

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According to reports from all over, dismissed LSU star Tyrann Mathieu is looking at transferring to McNeese State. The Cowboys' own coach confirmed a weekend meeting, even risking a minor NCAA violation to make the news public. But he hasn't made the move yet, and this could be the reason why:

That might be farfetched, as it appears he was booted after again failing a drug test, which resulted in automatic dismissal. But Schad reports Mathieu is interested in paying his own way through school for a year and then returning to the team in 2013.

He hasn't spent his redshirt season yet, so it wouldn't cost him any eligibility anyway. He could still leave for the NFL after his third season on the field, albeit with an additional year's worth of maturing, plus vastly superior coaching and competition compared to what he could find at the FCS level.

It seems like quite a longshot to me, since school rules trump team rules in cases like this, but it would be a cool thing to see.

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