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Texas A&M Shooting Rattles Aggies Football Team

Shooting Monday close to Texas A&M football practice field rattles players and coaches.


Between two scheduled practices for the Texas A&M football team Monday, a shooting occurred near the campus not far from where the Aggies practice. Three people, including the guman, died. Coach Kevin Sumlin, who had wrapped up the team's first practice an hour before the shooting, which occurred at 12:22 p.m., had to break up a coaches meeting to alert the players to stay where they were.

"When I first heard about it, I thought I was dreaming," Aggies tight end Mike Lamothe told the Houston Chronicle. "It was (happening) in College Station? Really?

"It was just shocking and really sad, and I'm praying for the families affected."

Sumlin said he could see the street blocked off from his office.

"A lot of times you see things on the national news, and you look up, and the national news is (just) blocks away," Sumlin said after the team's second practice Monday night. "It really hits home for you. From my office window, you can see across the street, and they had blocked off the street."

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