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Might Tyrann Mathieu Rejoin LSU Football In 2013?

Despite an LSU compliance officer saying that Tyrann Mathieu is "permanently ineligible" to return to the university following dismissal for a failed drug test, the possibility of a return is something that many don't want to rule out.

The dream of a redemption story featuring a reformed and clean Mathieu in the 2013 season is one that LSU Tigers fans will cling to, but SB Nation's LSU blog, And The Valley Shook, warns that it may be an unrealistic hope:

It should also be noted that LSU's insistence over the last week of not commenting on Mathieu's future with the football team beyond this season and constant rebuttal of reports that he would never play for LSU again leaves open the possibility that he might one day return to LSU, though that still remains unlikely. Rehab is not a 2 semester course you just take, and drug addiction is something Mathieu will have to confront for possibly the rest of his life. I think we'd all like to see a cleaned up Mathieu rejoin the team next year in a great redemption story, but he has decided getting over his personal demons is a bigger priority.

Mathieu, the reigning winner of the Bednarik Award for the nation's top defensive back, is reportedly set to spend the 2012 season in Houston at a drug rehabilitation facility. Former NBA player and coach John Lucas is acting as his daily mentor.

For the latest on the LSU Tigers, be sure to check out And The Valley Shook as well as the SEC blog, Team Speed Kills.

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