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Give The Houston Astros A Championship In SB Nation's GIF Tournament II

The headline says it all: You, beleaguered Houston baseball fan, have the power within yourself (and your right and/or left index finger, depending on your computer clickin' style) to give the woeful Astros a title. What title? Oh, what, you're getting picky now, of all times? For Pete's sake, it's a fabricated internet contest in which the 'Stros' woes are in contention for the best animated laugher of the summer. But at this point it could be a dizzy bat race. These are the Houston Astros, circa 2012. Just give them something, anything to keep going.

Check out the details of SB Nation's GIF Tournament II here, and vote now. Here's your home team at their finest:


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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.