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Texans Vs. Saints: Coaches Using Patience Developing DeVier Posey

The Houston Texans drafted Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey in the third round of April's draft, enamored with his potential. Now the team is exercising patience while nurturing that talent, according to a blog from the Houston Chronicle.

NCAA suspensions cost Posey 10 games with the Buckeyes in 2011, making him rustier and affording him less playing time this preseason than other young Texans receivers. But he has some pretty good examples to look at on the Texans, starting at the top of the depth chart with All-Pro Andre Johnson.

"Everything happens for a reason," Posey said. "I really believe in that. I just try to take every day as a new experience no matter what happens. If I have a good day or bad day, I’ve just got to understand that. I’m a rookie; I’m not a Pro Bowler yet. So to get to Andre Johnson status, you’ve got to just work every day."

Posey received a five-game suspension for accepting cash and tattoos from a tattoo shop owner in Columbus, Ohio. He then served another five-game suspension when the NCAA said he was overpaid for a summer job.

Those discretions didn't stop the Texans from taking a flier on Posey's talent. But they will keep him from seeing much playing time early in the season.

"Football is a repetition sport, and then all of a sudden you get away from repetition," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "You’ve got to get back in the groove and doing it every day — make a mistake and getting it corrected. I think that’s been part of his process. His attention to detail has been good. His work has been good. But he’s had a little bit further to go than a couple of those players."

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