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Houston Texans 'Built For A Super Bowl Run?'

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The Houston Texans were the best top-to-bottom team in the NFL in 2011, according to the advanced metrics used by Now the site is claiming the 2012 Texans are similarly poised for a Super Bowl run.

If not for Matt Schaub's injury and having to water down the offense for third-string quarterback T.J. Yates (who, admittedly, played very well), the Texans might've challenged the New England Patriots for the AFC title and played for the Super Bowl. But Schaub did get hurt, and the 2012 Texans' fate might also rest on his right arm.

Schaub's being in the lineup will likely help the Texans in the one advanced stat in which the Texans were bottom-half of the league --- scoreability, or basically getting the most use out of your talent (for which the Texans have as much of as any team in the league). A more efficient offense that makes use of Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and the rest of the Texans' loaded cast would lead to more points, and likely more wins.

Otherwise, the 2011 Texans were as good as or better than any team in football. Schaub's health plus a rekindling of last year's statistical wizardry could equal a deep playoff run this year, only one season after the franchise's first postseason appearance.

So what do you, the informed masses, think about the Texans' Super Bowl chances this season?

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