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Houston Texans Not Allowing Any Contact On Andre Johnson In Practices

Andre Johnson has long been the star name on the roster for the Houston Texans, but coming into his 10th season with the squad -- perhaps the most talented Texans squad he has ever been a part of -- he is starting to show some signs of decline.

He has missed lots of games because of injury in the past two seasons and his production has suffered, as could be expected. This offseason has already featured a surgery and another hamstring injury for Johnson.

Now, coach Gary Kubiak isn't taking any chances with his former star receiver and isn't letting him take much contact in practices, according to Fox Sports Houston.

And you'd better believe the Texans are nervous. They're treating him like a gimpy race horse. He gets not a single repetition more than is completely necessary, because with Johnson the biggest problems have not been with his joints, they've been with his connective tissues – hamstrings and groin muscles, the kind of stuff that seems to come and go according to its own whims. The kind of stuff that's a little less elastic at 31 than it was at 27.

"They don't let anybody touch me at practice," he said.

The Texans finally have the talent to get over lower production from Johnson, but it would be a shame for them to lose him during their best chance for a Super Bowl yet in team history.

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