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Jose Canseco Isn't Exactly Thrilled About Roger Clemens' Comeback

Not sure if any of you saw Jose Canseco tweeting on Saturday night after Roger Clemens made his debut with the Sugar Land Skeeters (read that line again -- hopefully you weren't unless you get paid to do this), but the godfather of the Steroid Era isn't exactly thrilled about the whole thing.

Like a lot of folks reporting on this story, Canseco is confused in thinking Clemens is pitching in minor league games, but we all get the point, right? Clemens is doing this stint in Sugar Land with hopes of perhaps pitching downtown for the Astros, who could probably use Clemens AND Canseco with the roster they have now.

These are a couple of tweets from Canseco, and if you're anything like me, you'll appreciate the humor:

Canseco has been on these sarcastic tweets since Tuesday. On Saturday night when I was writing a recap of Clemens' debut for SB Nation New York, I told a coworker that I wasn't too interested in watching Clemens pitch again for the Astros.

It's messy enough already going through a rebuilding process, and who hires a 50-year-old pitcher during a rebuilding process anyway?

But if Canseco is going to make a fuss about it, or at least tweet like this, I'll put my love for the Astros aside just for a few good laughs. And when the laughter dies down, we'll once again look up and see Canseco might have a point.

Why is that some steroid associated players are treated better than others? It's a fair question.

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