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Texas A&M-Louisiana Tech Postponed Due To Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac has been roaming around the southeast United States in the past few days and Thursday's game between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs has been in question because of it. For the past few days, the teams had waffled on the idea of holding the game because of safety concerns for the student athletes and fans.

Ultimately, it appears that they have erred on the side of safety and postponed the game for well over a month, moving it into mid-October from the original date. LA Tech's football twitter account broke the news on Tuesday afternoon:

The schedule change will mean that Texas A&M's first game of the season will instead be on Sept. 8 when they host No. 23 ranked Florida. The new date for the LA Tech game will be slotted into a gap in their schedule, between games against Ole Miss and LSU.

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