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Texas A&M To Delay Player Suspensions To October

Hurricane Isaac will be delaying more than just a football game against Louisiana Tech for Texas A&M, it will be pushing suspensions back to October as well. Steven Jenkins and Howard Matthews, who were suspended one game in June for a violation of team policy, will be playing in the now season-opening SEC matchup with Florida.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk wonders if this convenient suspension policy is really necessary:

The other funny thing: the Gators are not expected to be a whole lot better than Louisiana Tech, plus A&M gets true home field advantage against UF. And the two suspended players are back-seven defenders, which you'd have to think would be at more of a premium against a capable Air Raid like LA Tech's than against a first-year balanced offense like Florida's. So, in a fashion, Sumlin might not really be helping himself all that much either way.

The Aggies, with Jenkins and Matthews on the field, will host the Gators in College Station on Sept. 8.

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