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London Olympics 2012 Medal Count: United States Trails China After Monday's Events

The United States continues to trail China in the medal count after Monday's events.

China leads with 64 total medals, including 31 golds. The U.S. is one medal back and two back in the golds. Behind the top two, Russia has 41 medals, Great Britain has 40 — including 18 golds — and Japan is in fifth with 29 medals.

Among Monday's events, China picked up two medals in gymnastics, while the U.S. grabbed two in track & field. The United States women's soccer team clinched a medal, as it won its semifinal match against Canada earlier in the day.

Here are the top five current leaders in total medals:

1. China - 64 (31, 19, 14)
2. United States - 63 (29, 15, 19)
3. Russia - 41 (7, 17, 17)
4. Great Britain - 40 (18, 11, 11)
5. Japan - 29 (2, 12, 15)

For a complete breakdown of the current medal count by country, visit Sports Illustrated's medal count tracker.

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