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The Tao Of Arian: Houston Texans Players React To Their Newly Vegan Running Back

("The Tao of Arian" is an ongoing series that explores 'the way' of the Houston Texans' magical running back.)

Worried about your NFL team's starting running back making it through training camp, four preseason games, 16 weeks of brutal war and then the playoffs, all without meat or dairy products? That's so 2000-late, y'all: The Houston Chronicle's taking an extensive look at the diets of various Texans in the wake of Foster's announcement that he's gone vegan, and guess what? He won't die without a cheeseburger:

Texans dietician Roberta Anding, came to Foster’s defense, saying that while he may be seen as an outlier now, he’s arguably the prototypical pro athlete of the future. Anding expresses no concern about Foster’s ability to meet his caloric needs, sans meat and dairy products. The health advantages of a plant-based diet are myriad and well-documented.

Still, it would be kind of awesome if, late in the season and feeling haggard, Foster popped some of Earl Campbell's sausage for a Super Mario-like power-up. Because in our dreams, processed pork = invincibility star.

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