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Houston Texans: HOF Barry Sanders Hopes For 'Big Things'

Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders had a photo shoot with Verizon Wireless at Reliant Stadium on Monday and spoke with Nick Scurfield of while he was there.

Sanders discussed Arian Foster's style as a running back and credited Foster for maturing on and off the field. He also answered an Andre vs. Calvin Johnson comparison question, noting the two are similar. As for the Texans, Sanders had this to say on his hopes for the team:

"Well, I'm hoping for big things. Had a great year last year, played deep into the playoffs and had every chance of beating a great Baltimore Ravens team last year. So, I don't see any reason why this year can't be any different. They're one of those teams that's very balanced. Offensively, you know that you almost have to pick your poison. There's no reason why this year they can't do similar to what they did last year, and maybe even further."

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