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College Football Rankings, Week 4: LSU Up To No. 2 In Coaches Poll Too

After the USC Trojans lost at Stanford, the USA Today coaches poll looks a lot like it did near the end of last season. The Alabama Crimson Tide are still no. 1, but the LSU Tigers moved up to No. 2 at the expense of USC. LSU even picked up five first place votes compared to 54 from Alabama.

Other Texas teams were ranked int he top 25 as well. Texas moved into the top ten at No. 10. TCU was at No. 16 this week after its first ever Big 12 victory.

For more on the LSU Tigers, be sure to head over to And The Valley Shook and join the discussion. While we're here, let's watch some of the many fine college football videos from SB Nation's YouTube channel:

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.