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Despite Cut, There's Plenty Left To The Case Keenum Story

Case Keenum was cut by the Houston Texans on Friday, as they got down to 53 players on the roster. The decision was disappointing for Keenum's longtime supporters from his Houston Cougar days who were hoping to see Keenum make the roster as the Texans' third quarterback. Instead, Keenum will be on the Texans' practice squad.

While it's an unfortunate turn of events for Keenum and his legion of fans, and while I don't understand any more than any of you how John Beck could possibly make a better NFL quarterback than the NCAA's all-time leader at most everything, this isn't the end of the line for Keenum's pro career.

Don't forget, Keenum's career nearly ended out of high school, where he came one scholarship away (the one from Houston, the only one he was offered) from not having the opportunity to play college ball. It nearly ended on the field of the Rose Bowl in 2010, when Keenum tore his ACL during his (first) senior season. It could have ended on draft night, when Keenum didn't hear his name called, despite many a less-accomplished signal-caller getting the opportunity.

Keenum took the move in his typical classy manner, tweeting that he was "thrilled to be staying with the Texans".

The 2012 season was never likely to be Keenum's breakout NFL campaign. But with his skill set and leadership, he'll get his shot at playing football for money eventually. The longer he hangs around NFL teams, the sooner somebody will have the good sense to give him a shot.

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