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What Options Remain For Vince Young: Four Teams That Might Be Interested

Four Teams That Might Be Interested

Aug 25, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young (10) passes the ball during pre-game warm-ups at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE
Aug 25, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young (10) passes the ball during pre-game warm-ups at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Houston hero and Longhorn legend Vince Young is the latest example in how quickly millions of dollars can be thrown away when you listen to the wrong people. Young signed a $26 million dollar contract with the Titans as the third overall pick in 2006 and has since bounced around the league until he was cut by the Buffalo Bills in August. High profile quarterbacks fail all the time and unfortunately the story behind Young's failure sounds familiar. Young athlete who had nothing growing up, suddenly was given more money that he had ever dreamed about, and is surrounded by 'yes men' and groupies. I think VY is a flawed individual, but a good guy at heart and tried to help out family and friends by hiring them to help manage his career and be in his posse but they took advantage of him. That's not to say that Young is without fault because ultimately everything is his decision and his immaturity led to his downfall.

The next step will be the court battle between Young and the people he's accusing of causing his money problems. Maybe he's got a legit case, but it sounds like more finger pointing from an immature player who isn't willing to accept responsibility for his own poor decisions. I say all this as a die hard Texas Longhorn fan who loved watching Vince Young play, but it seems he never grew up after college.

So the question now becomes, will he get another chance to play in the league? He obviously needs to try to make a roster to make some cash, but what team will be willing to take on a player who has underperformed throughout his career and brings this kind of baggage and distractions with him? It'll have to be a team with a strong head coach and that either has a quarterback they aren't happy with or is getting close to the end of his career. Part of Young's problem on the field was his work ethic and the thought that he could just coast on his natural talent. Now that he's been cut, now that he's broke, maybe that slap of reality will be what finally lights a fire underneath him and helps him realize his potential.

Top Landing Spots For Vince Young:

Jaguars - Blaine Gabbert is officially a bust. He might make it through this season, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jacksonville moved on after the season is over even though it's only been two years. Mike Mularkey is in his first year with the Jaguars but is a veteran head coach and was an offensive coordinator for eight seasons. He didn't draft Gabbert, maybe he'll want to try out someone new. Not that I blame Jeff Fisher, but an offensive coach to teach him like it was day one would be a help for Young.

49ers - They obviously wouldn't be making the move to start Young, but as an established team they might look to add him to develop him and add a wrinkle to their offense. Jim Harbaugh has already turned around another quarterback everyone thought was a bust and might be the perfect coach to take on this challenge. Young would have a former quarterback as his head coach, another mobile quarterback who's been where he's been in terms of disappointment on the field to mentor him, and they seem willing to take risks like they did with Randy Moss this off-season. I think this would be the best fit for Young if the 49ers are willing to sign him.

Raiders - They're 0-2, Palmer is over 30 and isn't playing at a high level, and they have a history of taking chances on problem players. Don't think this would be a good fit for Young, but the Raiders might be interested.

Rams - This is a long shot because I don't think Jeff Fisher would be willing to bring in his former quarterback, but if anyone knows how to deal with Young; it's Fisher. Young wouldn't sign with the Rams to start, but Sam Bradford has had injury issues so there might be room for him in St. Louis.

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