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LSU Vs. Auburn: Tigers Will Need To Slow Down Kiehl Frazier

The LSU Tigers are an 18.5-point favorite over the Auburn Tigers on Saturday afternoon, but even though they are expected to win, they still need to do a few extra things to ensure they do not falter and get upset.

One of the keys to getting a win over Auburn is to get to dual-threat quarterback Kiehl Frazier. While Frazier is an athletic quarterback, new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler has installed a pro-style set which has not been all that successful so far. LSU should take advantage of that and try to make Frazier uneasy in the pocket:

He started from scratch with a new pro style offense and a new offensive coordinator and the progress has been slow.


It's likely LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis will unleash some of his unused blitz combinations to catch Frazier off guard. The Auburn running attack hasn't been particularly helpful at taking the heat off of him, although they did put up 255 yards against Louisiana-Monroe. The best way to keep the Auburn offense out of rhythm is to rattle the quarterback.

The LSU defense is good enough to take away nearly any teams weapons on offense and they should be able to slow down, and even stop Auburn's offense. The best way to stop that is to make Frazier ineffective.

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