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NFL Injury Report: Texans' Matt Schaub Took A Beating, Is Healthy

The Houston Texans marched into Mile High Stadium on Sunday, and came away with an impressive 31-25 win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Though the Texans escaped without any major injuries, quarterback Matt Schaub took a beating -- including a scary roughing the passer penalty that induced helmet-to-helmet contact that forced Schaub's helmet off of his head. Schaub went down to the ground, putting both his hands on his head, in what looked like a potentially very scary scene.

Schaub, though, missed only one play, and returned to action.

After the contest, Schaub had his left (non-throwing) shoulder x-rayed, and everything turned out to be "fine."

Schaub also finished the game without all of his ear, as one of the hits Schaub suffered caused part of Schaub's ear to detach from the rest of it, causing him to bleed.

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